P. Pangrac dipl. architect


CH-8304 Wallisellen by Zurich

1992 - 1993 

Garage Flury AG was designed in early 1992. Beginning of the construction on 23rd March 1993. Finished on May 1994. Glass and concrete, very modern structure. The whole building is hanging on one pylon and allows therefore free space on the ground levels. There are two underground parking levels. Ideal proportions and architectural expression. The result is a modern architecture on an important point of Zurich suburb. Today the building is used for sale and reparation of Nissan an GM cars.

            Corner detail
      Ground floor
     First Floor
       Main facade

Facade - project plan M 1:100  









Address:  Neugut-Garage Flury AG, Neugustr.57,  CH-8304 Wallisellen ZH (Phone: +41 1 830 40 70)

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Neugut-Garage Flury  AG


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